Author: Jade

What are hedge funds?

Hedge Funds are a frequently misunderstood area of finance, yet they are one of the main movers of global markets and one of the key influencers of global liquidity. In order to join a hedge fund it is usually necessary to […]

Global real assets outlook 2019 By BlackRock

Attractive fundamentals continue to drive a great migration to the asset class, but a changing macroeconomic climate requires careful navigation. With capital raising outpacing deployment, competition for real assets is strong. The fundamentals underpinning performance remain broadly positive, however, with real […]

Bonds are back By Blackrock

Bonds are making a comeback. We see them as a viable source of income amid higher U.S. interest rates, a slowing but growing U.S. economy and a pause in the Federal Reserve’s tightening cycle. We also like government bonds as […]