What your salary and bonus should be at JP Morgan in Singapore

JP Morgan has enjoyed a decent first half in Asia. While its own financial results don’t break out earnings figures for the region, new data from Dealogic puts JP Morgan in fourth place for Asia (ex-Japan) investment banking revenues.

In Singapore, the US bank is perhaps best known for its Corporate Centre, which develops leading-edge tech in areas such as blockchain, robotics, cloud, and AI. But JPM also has a full-service investment bank in the Republic.

If you want to work as an investment banker at JP Morgan in Singapore, you’ll want to have a broad overview of how much you’re likely to be paid there. To find out more about front-office IB salaries and bonuses at JP Morgan in Singapore, we looked through pay numbers on Glassdoor across the four seniority levels that the website has sufficient data for: analyst, associate, vice president, and executive director.

Pay at the bank obviously varies from employee to employee, so the figures in the table below should be seen as approximate guidance. Moreover, we only reviewed high-range Singapore salaries and cash bonuses at JP Morgan, because they reflect the earnings of front-office investment bankers.

JP Morgan did not respond to a request to comment on its Singapore compensation.

How much will your salary and bonus be at JP Morgan in Singapore?

As at many of its rivals, JP Morgan in Singapore pays its front-office IB analysts six-figure salaries (S$120k on average), although you may need to be a third-year analyst to earn this much. As an associate, your base pay will rise to approximately S$150k and your cash bonus would be around S$25k, depending on performance.

The big money kicks in at VP level for JP Morgan’s Singapore-based investment bankers. VPs earn average salaries of S$240k, while their cash bonuses could reach S$67k, according to Glassdoor’s approximate figures.

There’s a significant increase in salaries (you’ll earn about S$325k) and bonuses (S$100k) once you get to executive director rank at JP Morgan in Singapore.

Investment banking salaries and bonuses at JP Morgan in Singapore


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