How to pull the ultimate Tel Aviv all-nighter

Beit Hapsanter – Tel Aviv

We’ve got the craziest, most energetic, party-packed hour-by-hour guide to a perfect night out in Tel Aviv.

There are two ways to handle the city that never sleeps: become a hermit with a side of extreme FOMO, or hit the town hard…then harder…then eat, rinse, and repeat. YO(t)L(v)O – you only TLV once, and one all-nighter in the nonstop city is all you need to fall in love with the Tel Aviv nightlife scene and never want to leave. Time Out Israel knows how to party like it’s nobody’s business, so we promise you’re in good hands with our hour-by-hour guide to the ultimate Tel Aviv all-nighter. After all, you can sleep when you’re dead.

Beer Garden (Dizengoff)

Mixing Gods two greatest creations: nature and beer.

Beer Garden is the place to go when you’re wandering around Kikar Dizengoff, especially during happy hour. The food & drink establishment has named their happy hour, ‘Happy Garden,’ and from 18:30-20:30, ’tis a happy garden indeed. The popping locations believes in the ‘go-big-or-go-home’ mentality, offering 50% off the entire menu. We highly suggest you make reservations, especially if you’re a large group because the place fills up fast and to the brim. It comes as no surprise though – ideal locations, deals this good, and one of the best varieties of beer in Tel Aviv are hard to pass up. ‘Come on, get happy!’

Address: 2 HaRav Reines St / Tel Aviv / Opening hours: Sat-Sun 18:30-04:00


Just like its name, Concierge is “at your service” for all your cocktail and foodie needs.

Standing smack dab in the middle of Dizengoff, its prime location is only one of the aspects that make Concierge a must-visit on your next ladies night. You’ll be captivated by their dazzlingly vibrant drinks like the electric “blue heaven” with vodka, blue Curacao, vanilla and citrus, or the “deep purple,” a gin-based cocktail that steals your attention with its beet infused vanilla syrup. Don’t miss their sophisticated food menu as well. Enjoy the intimate indoor scene or sip in style on their elegant patio, either way the modern twist on a vintage style will have you coming back for more…and more…and more.

Address: 95 Dizengoff St / Tel Aviv / Opening hours: Sun-Sat 18:00-Last customer, Fri 14:00-Last customer, happy hour 18.00-20.30

Beit Hapsanter (Piano House) Bar

The most curious bar in Tel Aviv.

Beit Hapsanter is a mysterious little bar located on one of the most lively streets in Tel Aviv. Although their official hours say otherwise, Beit Hapsanter claims to “never close,” allowing guests to keep drinking and dancing until they can’t possibly take anymore. With a dark, funky decor and electronic house music creating a distinct atmosphere, Beit Hapsanter will keep you returning. Described as having a “Berlin vibe,” this is not your typical Tel Aviv bar!

Address: 99 Allenby / Tel Aviv / Opening hours: Sun-Sat 21:30-6:00

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