The 8 best hummus shops in Haifa – from authentic to inventive


Hummus Eliyahu

Located just behind ‘Hummus Row’ in Downtown Haifa, the ‘Jewish hummus’ at Hummus Eliyahu gets served up hot and freshly blended to order, with a side of Chasidic charm.  A part of a growing chain of uniquely Israeli hummus joints, this is the place to go for an endless bowl of hummus that will warm your soul and feed your Israeli spirit. The hummus features their own brand of especially Kosher Ethiopian tahini (available for purchase) and unique as well as classic topping options. Extras such as shakshuka are also available. A gathering spot for lunching naval officers, it is a place to hang back, enjoy your fill and soak in the modern Hebrew music as you sop up your hummus with fluffy pita bread, kept warm and soft all day long.


Hummus Bardicef

Elad Bardicef takes the hummusia to the next level with hummus like you’ve never tasted before. Always made fresh, in small batches, and served warm as it should be, it is exceedingly rich from smooth, creamy tahini and jazzed up with elevated, yet classic toppings such as mashed broad beans, stewed chickpeas, parsley (in this case parsley-pesto) and olive oil. Also try their other Israeli dishes, such as sabich and shakshuka that are plated beautifully, and made with organic and fresh ingredients, yet are still just as affordable as the humbler versions found elsewhere in the city. Made with extra care by an attentive staff, it’s no wonder you’ll be hard pressed to find a stool here most days of the week. The Chasidic charm and cool Israeli attitude only add to the experience, making this an absolute favorite. Bardicef’s new branch at 34 Shivat Tzion street brings their brand of heavenly hummus and other freshly prepared Israeli gourmet vegetarian delicacies to Haifa’s lower city. You’ll be blown away by their elegant take on homemade Israeli flavors that will simultaneously warm your heart and satisfy your belly.


Hummus Fadi

Beneath the legendary orange awning, the family-run Hummus Fadi beckons. Clad in their bright orange shirt uniforms, they serve up non-traditional hummus toppings (even grilled chicken livers among other options) alongside the classic choices, to suit all your hummus cravings and needs. Whether you like to keep it simple or venture out into new hummus territory, one thing’s for certain – you won’t want to eat hummus ever again without the trio of signature sauces offered: white lemony garlic, and green herbed and orange (surprise, surprise) hot sauces.  All flavorful, balanced and not too hot to compliment the subtleties of the hummus itself.


Hummus Al Sham

This newcomer on the scene isn’t your typical hummus shop, but it is wildly delicious and filled with updated versions of regional classics for you to devour. Combining the art of a great hummus with the kind of expertly prepared authentic Arabic style home-cooking you would expect from Haifa’s famous Wadi Nisnas neighborhood, owner Stefan Shehade does it all with a creative gourmet twist. Using the fresh and unique ingredients of the surrounding outdoor market, it’s one place you’re sure to keep coming back to with each culinary outing to “The Wadi”.

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